Want to tell powerfully emotional stories for your nonprofit?

Learn how to INFUSE your stories with POWERFUL EMOTIONS that MOVE your audience to TAKE ACTION for your cause!   

There is so much more to storytelling than just “who did what when.”

Let me walk you through exactly how to tell a story that maximizes the emotions of your audience and
inspires them to take action.

I’ll teach you all of my secrets to emotional storytelling in this exclusive training and
I’ll show you exactly how to apply them to your own stories.

Jeremy Koch, Empower Nonprofits

I’ll reveal all of my secrets in this exclusive training. Learn how to infuse your stories with powerful emotion today!



Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You've heard how important storytelling is for nonprofits but you're not sure how to do it well...
  • You've written an important story for a fundraising appeal but you're not sure if the story will evoke enough emotion to move your audience to take action...
  • You've told a potential donor a story that inspired you, but it didn't seem to have any effect on them...
  • Your website is full of stories about the people your organization serves but they don't lead to donations...
  • You want to make more money and garner more support for your cause with emotional stories...

If any of that sounds familiar then I’ve got something just for you…

Not only do I have over 15 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, but I’ve also worked with and studied novelists, playwrights, and screenplay writers.

I’ve been able to go behind the scenes, ask questions, and dive into the details of successful stories and figure out exactly what it is that makes them so emotionally powerful.

By doing so, I’ve discovered exactly how to infuse powerful emotions into nonprofit stories. And we all know that emotional stories raise more money!

As a nonprofit marketing coach I’ve had the opportunity to read and discuss thousands of nonprofit stories.

I’ve seen what mistakes nonprofits make and I’ve seen how applying my simple, emotional storytelling techniques to these stories can make a huge difference in the audience’s response.

Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to emotional nonprofit storytelling.

And now I want to teach you exactly how to do it yourself...

I’ve created a three-part video series that will walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to know to INFUSE your stories with the POWERFUL EMOTIONS that will move your audience to TAKE ACTION in support of your cause.

Get instant access to
Emotional Nonprofits Storytelling now!

Yes, Jeremy! I want to tell more emotional nonprofit stories that move my audience to take action for my cause!

Emotional nonprofit storytelling

My Emotional Nonprofit Storytelling Master Class will teach you...

  • The biggest mistake 99.9% of nonprofits make when telling stories (this mistake actually prevents your audience from feeling the emotion of your story)
  • Why the emotional journey of your audience matters more than the hero's journey of your story.
  • Why telling emotionless stories means less money for your nonprofit...regardless of how well your story is told.
  • The 5 essential elements of nonprofit story structure (and how to use this structure to ensure you are telling a story that will make an impact...)
  • How to prime your audience so they fully experience the emotions of your story.
  • The 3 types of challenges your hero may face and how it impacts the emotions of your story.
  • How to keep your audience interested and engaged throughout your story.
  • How to guarantee that your audience will empathize with the hero of your story.
  • The emotions you want to avoid in your nonprofit stories (or your audience will never take action!)
  • And so much more...

If you want to improve your nonprofit stories and learn how to
evoke powerful emotions that will consistently move your audience to take action in support of your cause, then here’s what I’ve got for you…

When you invest in my Emotional Nonprofit Storytelling master class, you get immediate access to this three-part training program and will learn...

Video #1:

emotional nonprofit storytelling video 2
  • The real reason why stories are so effective for nonprofit fundraising...
  • What it takes to become a great storyteller...
  • Why most people over-complicate storytelling (and how to simplify the process without sacrificing effectiveness)
  • Why storytelling is fun (and what you're doing wrong if it's not...)
  • And more...

Video #2:

emotional nonprofit storytelling video 1
  • Discover the 5 essential elements of the nonprofit storytelling structure (and the purpose of each element...)
  • The best way to use a storytelling structure (it's not what most people use it for...)
  • Why understanding story structure improves your story research and interviews...
  • Why following a story structure is not enough to move people to take action (and what you need to do instead...)
  • And more...

Video #3:

emotional nonprofit storytelling video 3
  • The biggest mistake 99% of nonprofits make when it comes to storytelling...
  • My 8 secrets that guarantee emotional storytelling success!
  • How to prime your audience to ensure they experience the full emotional power of your stories...
  • The simple method that ensures your audience stays interested & engaged in your story...
  • And more...

In these videos I lay out absolutely everything you need to know
to maximize the emotional response of your audience.

But there's more...

Get instant access to
Emotional Nonprofit Storytelling now!

My 3-part video series will walk you through how to infuse your stories with powerful emotion that moves your audience to take action for your cause.

Emotional nonprofit storytelling

Bonus #1: Emotional Storytelling Bonus Report

I have created a special BONUS REPORT just for clients of my Emotional Nonprofit Storytelling master class. You will not find this information published anywhere else. This report teaches you exactly how to conduct story research interviews that ensure you're able to tell the most emotionally powerful story possible every single time. Yours FREE just for taking action today!

Bonus #2: Complimentary Feedback Session

After you've completed the video training you're going to  have lots of ideas on how to improve your nonprofit stories.  I will give you one complimentary feedback session as a bonus for your purchase today (a $500 value, yours FREE!). I will personally review your nonprofit story and give you feedback and recommendation on how it can be further improved to ensure your story is an emotional powerhouse!

So how much does all of this cost?

I know you work for a nonprofit organization and that funding for training programs such as this is hard to come by.

That's why, even though the content in this training will help raise thousands of dollars for your nonprofit, I'm still keeping the cost low enough so that it is accessible to everyone.

But don't wait too long. I fully expect the price of this training program to go up.

I'd like you to take a moment to consider the cost of not taking action today to improve your storytelling.

When you don't know how to infuse your story with the emotion necessary to move your audience to take action you will raise less money for your organization.

Think of all the time you will spend writing and telling stories that don’t have the intended result.

Wouldn’t you rather know up front that your stories will have a strong emotional impact?

Wouldn’t you want to know for sure that your stories will evoke the emotions necessary to move your audience to take action?

The investment in this training will ensure that your stories work no matter how you use them.

The stories in your email marketing will improve…

The stories in your direct mail appeals will improve…

The stories you tell during face-to-face meetings with potential donors will improve…

And all of this means more success for your fundraising efforts.

How much is that worth to you and your nonprofit?

Now, I'll tell you upfront that nonprofits pay me $500 per day to work with them directly.

So, it would be perfectly reasonable to consider access to this training program as the equivalent of at least one day's work.​

But no, it's not going to cost you $500 to get access to this master class.​

In fact, you can get it today for a lot less than that…

That's right. If you buy today you can get lifetime access, including all future updates, to my Emotional Nonprofit Storytelling master class for only $49.99.

And remember, if you act now you’ll also get two bonus gifts:

  • My BONUS story interview report and
  • A free complimentary coaching session (valued at $500).

All for the extremely low price of $49.99.​

But act now. This price will go up. I can only offer so many FREE coaching sessions, after all.

Lock in access to this training now, before it’s too late.

Keep in mind, this offer comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

You have 90 days to determine if this investment is worth the cost. If not, just send me an email and you get 100% of your money back.

If you're not satisfied, then I don't deserve to keep your money and you'll get a full refund.

Get instant access to
Emotional Nonprofit Storytelling now!

My 3-part video series that will walk you through how to infuse your stories with powerful emotion that moves your audience to take action for your cause.

Emotional nonprofit storytelling

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 90 DAYS!

Yes, this comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You have 90 days to make up your mind. That will give you plenty of time to watch the training and implement what you’ve learned. If you decide this training was not helpful or if you are disappointed in the content in any way simply shoot me an email and let me know you want a refund. No questions asked.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much time does it take to watch this training?

Do I need any special technology to access this training?

Can I really get a full refund?

Do I need any specialized knowledge or skills?

Do I need to have a story I'm working on right now?

Get instant access to
Emotional Nonprofit Storytelling now!

My 3-part video series that will walk you through how to infuse your stories with powerful emotion that moves your audience to
take action for your cause.

Emotional nonprofit storytelling