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Quality List Building for Nonprofits

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My 4-part video series that will walk you through how to build a massive list of excited and engaged subscribers ready to take action for your nonprofit.

Quality List Building for Nonprofiits

When you buy my Quality List Building for Nonprofits master class, you get immediate access to this four-part training program and will learn...

Video #1:

What is List Quality?
  • The meaning of list quality (and why it's more important than list size)
  • Why more subscribers do not necessarily mean more money for your nonprofit
  • How to measure the quality of your email list (so you can measure progress moving forward)
  • The top reasons why most nonprofits have extremely poor list quality (and exactly how to avoid these same mistakes)
  • And more...

Video #2:

Principles of List Building
  • How to make good choices when it comes to list building
  • Things you should NEVER do to build an email list
  • How to make sure your email marketing is targeted and relevant
  • An example of the biggest mistake 99% of nonprofits make with email list building
  • And more...

Video #3:

Best Place for your Opt-in
  • The absolute WORST place you can put your email opt-in form
  • The absolute best place for your email opt-in form (including examples)
  • How technology has changed how people behave on websites (and the impact on subscription rates)
  • Two great places for an email opt-in form you've never considered (including examples)
  • And more...

Video #4:

Master Your Call to Action
  • How to get people excited about subscribing to your email list
  • The insider secret that will gaurantee your subscribers engage with your first email
  • My step-by-step process for developing the perfect call-to-subscribe for your nonprofit
  • Examples of extremely effective ways to get people excited to subscribe
  • And more...

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Quality List Building for Nonprofiits

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